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    ‘ Dis-ease’ can be healed, and 95% of it is caused by the same thing!

      If this resonates with you, we share a common dream.

                     Are you ready to have?

Well, take a few moments  to watch the video to glimpse the answer

                                    Lets spell it out!

  • More miracles in your life
  • Make peace with the past
  • Have a perfectly functional immune and metabolic system
  • To make feeling good your priority
  • To heal childhood and adult wounds
  • To know that you are worthy
  • To enjoy perfect weight and health
  • To stretch for those seemingly unreachable goals
  • To embrace more intimacy
  • To be more compassionate and patient
  • And realize only 1 thing causes illness
  • Above all to have peace of mind and experience life with gusto!

        Is your passion  wellness, vibrant good health and balance?

If you  have health and wellness issues,  are  aware,  have commenced your awakening journey and have done some inner work on yourself. If you are a vibrant individual who grasps that humankind has as part of a person’s birth -right, a propensity for  unlimited energy which helps guarantee a freedom from “dis-ease”.

This vision is far distant from the traditional health care model embraced by conventional pharmacological medicine, where symptoms and not root causes are treated. Many of you have had experience of this! You understand that quick fixes are myths. All illness is a wake-up call and commit yourself to re-establish harmony on a mind, body and spirit level.

                   If this rings a bell with you, we need to talk!

The first step is to identify the problem. So, we scan the system .

To do this we use the amazing Russian devised Non Linear Scanning system, Diacom.

This quantum science computerised tool shows the health state by measuring the spin of cells.

The test shows the health state of the system. You know that everything on this planet has a vibrational frequency? Dr. David Hawkins shows this in his fascinating book..”Power Versus Force”.

In his  levels of consciousness hierarchy, shame, the most negative of emotions comes out at 20, but lovehas an amazing  reading of 500.

 How Do We Boost Health?

  • By frequency treating depleted organs
  • By learning to oxygenate the body by proper breathing
  • By balancing diet and nutrition
  • By boosting energy and circulation by means of exercise
  • By supplementing missing nutrients
  • By finding remedies that genuinely balance the body
  • By clearing away negative emotions and limiting beliefs
  • By making meaningful changes in our lives.

Lots of items on that list! All dis-ease shows there is a need to make changes. We can’t do all of this in one session So I offer this healing to you as a “Wellness and Well-Being Coaching Program.”

The starting place is the Diacom Scan. This shows what’s wrong, illuminates what we have put right and demonstrates the changes we have made.

Here is the menu!

  1. Silver Program comprising 3 pre-paid sessions of between 60-90 minutes in duration.
  2. Gold Program comprising 6 pre-paid sessions of between 60-90 minutes in duration.
  3. Platinum Program comprising 9 pre-paid sessions of between 60 and 90 minutes in duration.
  • When we have identified the issues in need of treatment, I will treat where I can using a variety of differing tools. These are:
    • Meridian Energy techniques (EFT, TAT, AMBIT) and other emotional clearing techniques.
    • Diet and nutritional counselling using vitamin and mineral therapy.
    • Homoeopathy.
    • Long Distance Healing
    • Kinesiology
    • Chakra and Meridian balancing
    • Rife and Clark frequencies and much more.
    • I will provide recommendations for diet and exercise
    • I will refer to body workers and other experts.

After our Diacom session, I will submit a written report by e-mail, outlining a treatment map with recommendations on how many sessions are needed to reach the end in mind!

To keep you on track, I will also serve as a “Healing Coach” where we make contact by e-mail, telephone or Skype to insure you follow the recommendations and how best to put them into practice.

 I have been working as a health care professional for almost 30 years. During this time I have treated thousands of people worldwide, and helped most of them overcome a myriad of problems.

  • I believe that in order to be successful in healing we must look at the problem holistically.
  • In other words, we work with the body, mind and spirit. It is all too convenient to treat the symptoms, but that is not healing. The symptoms are a bio-feedback communications device telling us that something is wrong. Taking a pill to persuade those symptoms to go away simply disguises the underlying causative problem and sooner or later it will manifest itself again. Often times it will mutate into something else. All illness demonstrates the system is out of balance or “dis-eased”. All disease is a cry for action because it tells us that something is wrong. It is a wake-up call. There is a lesson to be learned here.
  • There is also a priority to healing. This demonstrates there is a hierarchy to the importance of the presenting symptoms. Treat the problem by not addressing the top priority is a recipe for disaster. Thanks to Kinesiology we have a tool to access the priorities and we use that tool to work effectively to treat the underlying cause of the symptoms. If you consult for a digestive problem, but the priority test reveals the most crucial element of the “dis-ease” is emotional, then it is the emotional component which has to be successfully managed first. If we start with the disturbance on the digestive level, it is unlikely we will be able to heal the root cause of the issue. First we address the emotional priority, and this might take care of the entire problem and it might not!

To make an appointment go to: Fill it in with your area of concern and send it back to us. I will be more than happy to contact you via Skype or telephone in order to discuss the issue and how best we can address it. This is a free service. Once we have some clarity we can move to scheduling an appointment.


  •  Diacom Scan and treatment US$125.00
  • Silver Module (3 sessions)     US$250.00
  • Gold Module    (6 sessions)     US$375.00
  • Platinum Module (9 sessions)US$500.00

Payments are via cash, atm / bank transfer or Paypal

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