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Health Ambit

Dis-ease can be healed and 95% of it is caused by the same thing!

If this resonates with you, we share a common dream.

1 thing causes disease, 1 thing can heal disease, it can be put right!

That one thing is stress in all it’s various forms!


Health Ambit Premium Programs are dedicated to the energetic and informational holistic healing of the root cause of “dis-ease”, naturally.
Health Ambit  Premium Programs + You = HAPPY

Let’s stop treating symptoms and go to  the root.

Take a few moments  to watch the video to get a better handle on things!


Lets spell it out!

  • More miracles in your life
  • Make peace with the past
  • Heal painful cellular memories
  • Get rid of false beliefs
  • Have a perfectly functional immune and metabolic system
  • Make feeling good your priority
  • Heal childhood and adult wounds
  • Know that you are worthy
  • Enjoy perfect weight and health
  • Stretch for those seemingly unreachable goals
  • Embrace more intimacy
  • Be more compassionate and patient
  • And realize that only 1 thing causes illness
  • Above all to have peace of mind and experience life with gusto!

Is your passion  wellness, vibrant good health and balance?

If you have health and wellness issues, are aware and know as a vibrant individual who grasp that humankind has as part of a person’s birth -right, a propensity for unlimited energy which
helps guarantee a freedom from “dis-ease”.

This vision is far distant from the traditional health care model embraced by conventional pharmacological medicine, where symptoms and not root causes are treated. Many of you have had experience of this! You understand that quick fixes are myths. All illness is a wake-up call and commit you to re-establish harmony on a mind, body and spirit level.


If this rings a bell with you we need to talk!

Yes, send me a message and we can set up a phone or Skype call for free

What Next?

In our complementary First Session we look to see what you want to achieve that enhance
your dreams and goals.
It could be:

  • Better Health
  • More energy
  • Emotional Peace
  • Greater joy and happiness
  • Weightloss
  • An overwhelming sense of gratitude in all areas of life
  • Better Relationships
  • You name it!

Once we know what it you are eager to achieve, we can devise together a Program
that will give you the results you so eagerly seek.
But I think you will agree that we can’t grasp those life-changing results in a single session.

1: The Silver Breakthrough Premium Sessions are designed to solve acute problems in a short time. 

This Program ideally comprises three 1 hour one hour sessions either in person or via Skype/ telephone and will be spaced quite close together.
You will be given tasks to complete on your own, outside the calls/sessions.
Cost (payable in advance) $360.00

2: The Gold Breakthrough Premium Sessions are designed to overcome more long term problems. 

This Program ideally comprises six 1 hour sessions, either in person or via Skype/telephone;
this will be spaced at weekly intervals if possible.
You will be given tasks to complete on your own outside of the sessions/calls.
Cost (payable in advance) $693.00

3: The Platinum Breakthrough Premium Sessions are designed to overcome
long standing issues that have not responded well to other treatments. 
The Program ideally comprises nine 1 one hour sessions either in person or via Skype/telephone; this will be spaced at weekly intervals.
You will be given tasks to be completed on your own outside the sessions/calls.
Cost (payable in advance) $990.00

4: Emergency 1 off sessions

(not recommended) $153.00 per session

Diacom and QRMA Sessions $153.00

5: Premium Breakthrough Program 

This is a six month Module designed to overcome long standing issues and offer coaching that helps to bring people to a completely new pinnacle of life and health.

This life changing Program comprises two x 1 hour face to face/Skype/telephone sessions per month.

Unlimited e-mail support plus 2 x 15 minute back-up Skype/telephone calls per month.

A monthly teaching call of 1 hour. Subjects include, gratitude journaling and other techniques, emotion clearing techniques like EFT, TAT, AMBIT, Ask and Receive, Clearing Meridians with magnets, Muscle Testing, The Sway Test, etc.

An Ideal Eating Program for me.


Energy Medicine Exercises, as well as stress busting exercises. You will get homework tasks and handouts all of which helps you to help yourself.

All participants will be invited to come to idyllic, tropical Koh Samui for a three day retreat with Allister Bredee. This will consist of 8 hours of additional sessions, a celebratory healthy eating dinner and a beach-side massage all at no additional cost.

Cost for the 6 months is $3000 in advance or 6 monthly payments of $525 Note there is a 4.5 % surcharge to cover costs on all sessions paid by PayPal). This is not for everyone; only those who are serious about living the best life possible and is by application/invitation only!


  • Getting to the root cause and eradicating it!
  • Releasing trapped emotions that block your health and happiness
  • Homeopathy. We find your constitutional Remedy and use it to clear.
  • Personality Typing. Makes you aware of your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Emotional Clearing via a simple hands on method.
  • Journaling
  • Looking for health issues through the amazing power of muscle testing.
    We even teach you to do this for yourself
  • Boosting the awesome power of the Meridian System
  • Balancing the Chakras
  • And a whole lot more


Well get in touch and let’s see what magic we can weave.