Quantum -K

The Quantum K Experience:

This amazing healing program has been developed by British kinesiologist Andrew Kemp who was much influenced by the late Sir Brian Jenner. Modern medicine is built on Pasteur’s germ theory which he recanted on his own deathbed. It is not the germ but the environment which is important. In order to heal it is vital that we stop treating the symptoms. Today’s pharmaceutical medicine suppresses symptoms; it does not heal underlying causation. People live rushed lives with job pressures that make it inconvenient to be ill. This goes against nature which presents illness as an opportunity to take rest and recuperation. To cope with the demands of modern life we take medicines that send symptoms underground and that means they mutate and return as something much worse at a later time. To effectively treat we need to bring the symptoms out and not merely send them inwards where they hide. Sometimes this bringing out of symptoms makes people feel worse for a short time, whereby they panic and head off to allopathic medicine which undermines the whole healing process by prescribing a chemical that buries the symptoms once again.

Quantum K is a powerful healing experience which works on the mind, body and spirit level. This is where we need to go to bring about the end to an illness.

The body has intelligence and it can self-heal. All that practitioners need do is to facilitate the process. This happens by giving the body a gentle shove in the right direction. Vibrational healing is a way of doing that, everything has a frequency and by applying the frequency of sound or colour, we create conditions that promote wellness. Moreover, thanks to modern physics we know the zero point energy field provides the source of everything and it is here we need to go with focused intent to find the source of all healing. This is combined with nature’s language comprising harmonics and fractal equations meaning that this healing process comes up with a language which talks directly to the body prompting it to take specific steps to bring about healing. The DNA understands fractal equations whilst it probably does not understand words!

The experience takes 23 minutes and all you need do is to turn up the sound and follow the instructions as they appear on the screen.  You can stop the process wherever you like but you will miss some of the benefits. I suggest that if you are familiar with EFT you tap on the key points as each new instruction appears on your screen. If you do not know about EFT simply place your hands on your abdomen with the intent of connecting with the healing energy. Sometimes you can experience a reaction to the experience, that is normal and it will pass.  However, be sure to drink some water at the end of the session. Place your intent on the water so that it registers 238 millivolts negative energy potential at a temperature of 4 degrees Celsius, because this is the state that purest water is to be found. If you are experiencing any form of unwellnes, I suggest you repeat this healing experience over several days and be surprised by how much better you begin to feel.

PS: If you want to protect yourself from the potent stresses of electromagnetic  fields which surround us in ever increasing quantities and constitutes  an ever growing health concern because we all spend far  too much time on the computer, the mobile phone or simply watching TV. Although we can’t see them we are surrounded by an ocean of electromagnetic waves that have grown two thousand fold in the last seventy years, so to protect yourself I suggest you go to Andrew’s website: http://quantumk.co.uk and buy a resonator.  They are reasonably priced and worth every penny.

For some, if the movie load speed is slow even after first time load, you can download it and view it from your PC. Right click here and save the file. You can open the file either in your web browser or standalone flash player. Preferably watch the healing video in full screen resolution along with a pair of stereo head phones.