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Some very Interesting Video

Here from this page, you will find a few interesting videos that I recommend as a must watch. Some are informative, some are of beautiful places where I work and some are healing videos. Spend time on viewing them. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


Quantum-K Healing Video. This amazing healing program has been developed by British kinesiologist Andrew Kemp who was much influenced by the late Sir Brian Jenner. Modern medicine is built on Pasteur’s germ theory which he recanted on his own deathbed. It is not the germ but the environment which is important. In order to heal it is vital that we stop treating the symptoms. Today’s pharmaceutical medicine suppresses symptoms; it does not heal underlying causation. People live rushed lives with job pressures that make it inconvenient to be ill. This goes against nature which presents illness as an opportunity to take rest and recuperation. To cope with the demands of modern life we take medicines that send symptoms underground and that means they mutate and return as something much worse at a later time. To effectively treat we need to bring the symptoms out and not merely send them inwards where they hide. Sometimes this bringing out of symptoms makes people feel worse for a short time, whereby they panic and head off to allopathic medicine which undermines the whole healing process by prescribing a chemical that buries the symptoms once again. Click here for the video.