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Therapy, what is it? And how can it help?




The word therapy originally comes from the Greek “therapeia” which translates into English as “the treatment of disease or disorders, as by some remedial, rehabilitating or curative process.” From a Chinese perspective this would mean correcting something that is out of balance. All “dis-ease” indicates an imbalance of some description. At a deep instinctive level the subconscious mind which can amazingly process 15,000,000 bits of information per second, grasps the problem and intuits how to put it right. Dogs and cats know what type of grass to eat when they are ill. Who taught them? I doubt it was their mothers. The life saving knowledge is instinctive. Humans had the same ability until they were educated away from it. Therapy and therapists in all their myriad forms do not heal you, you heal yourself! The therapist is the attendant who helps the process on its way.

  • Let’s move away from the Newtonian and Descartian models that have provided the scaffolding for health care for too long. Therapists are not car mechanics who struggle to fix engines when they go wrong.


  • The body is more intelligent than that. What we perceive as illnesses are “special biological programs” designed to cope with a crisis that has occurred in the environment of the patient. Pasteur was dubbed the father of the germ theory; upon which modern medicine is based He recanted this notion on his deathbed, when he said that it was the environment and not the germ that was the causative factor. But it was too late! Since then man has searched for a “pill’ to cure his woes and the pharmaceutical companies have been eager to oblige.


  • This has led to a serious misunderstanding of disease. The acute plagues of the past served a purpose. Disease today is chronic. It is stress driven and always carries a message. This model, thanks to “Germanic New Medicine”, fits all cases and applies to cancer just as well as a common cold. The “dis-ease” starts with a conflict shock. It can be as simple as the boss giving you the task of compiling a hefty report on some work related topic which is hugely urgent and has to be submitted by the following Monday morning. He delivers this bombshell on Thursday lunchtime but you have got tickets for the cup final in far away London on the Saturday afternoon and don’t wish to miss the match. The news knocks you into the stress dominated “flight, flight or freeze” part of the Autonomic Nervous System.


  • Immediately you display stress symptoms including obsessive thoughts, cold hands and feet as the blood retreats into deep muscle, heightened blood pressure, inability to sleep, poor digestive function, dilated pupils and so on. You put yourself into overdrive to complete the report before you flight on the Saturday morning. With a huge sigh of relief you leave the report on the boss’s desk on route to the airport. You get to the match and feel the first tickling of a cold coming on. Your team wins but feeling lousy you do not want to join in the evening’s celebrations. So what do you do? You go and buy an over the counter remedy that stops the cold symptoms dead.


  • Let’s look at this from the perspective of “Germanic New Medicine”. In this paradigm all disease has two phases. In this case you enter the first phase with the conflict shock of the boss instructing you to produce the report by Monday. This is when the stress driven cold generates itself as you work flat out to complete the task. This is the adrenal dominant sympathetic phase. You complete the report and breathe a tremendous sigh of relief. The body/mind now exits the conflict phase and enters healing which is dominated by the parasympathetic part of the ANS. You can now relax, and this is when the symptoms appear.


  •  The body cries for rest so it can heal. This means the symptoms get worse, reach a crisis and then get better. As a result you immune system is strengthened and overall you come out of the situation with better health. Instead of just going to bed and resting you decided the party in the evening was more important. You bought a medication that further stressed the adrenals so you went back into the stress phase; the symptoms disappeared. As you did not listen to your body you went back to work on Monday and wondered why your cold had shifted to your chest and later developed into full blown bronchitis. Moreover you noticed whenever the boss thrust another report writing exercise on you that your coughing worsened.


  • The New Medicine shows that conflict shock impacts the brain. A lesion forms relating directly to a specific part of the body which demonstrates the symptoms. Dr. Hamer has thousands of CT scans to prove this. The therapist’s job is to find the conflict shock and reduce its affects. There are a plethora of methods to facilitate this ranging from Ambit Healing, to EFT, TAT, The Emotion Code, Dynamind, BSFF, NLP, Time Line Therapy, Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Acupressure, hypnotherapy, conventional medical treatment and so on.


  • I offer some of these treatments but by no means all. First, the conflict shock is cushioned to make the healing phase easier and then we look to make other changes such as lifestyle, diet, nutrition and exercise. It is important also to introduce de-stressors like yoga and meditation.


  • Overall the changes can be difficult, but never expect to embrace good health until you have made them. This is not a cure; it’s a healing process.


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