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Thank you so much for the CoRe treatments. I am definitely feeling different. As I mentioned in earlier email, I am feeling more 'normal' then before. The body rhythm seems to be returning. I am able to sleep well in the night and stay awake and alert through the day, accomplishing a lot more than I was able to, let's say about a month ago.

J.R. Singapore

I had my test and I am clear of any stomach infection.

J.S. London

I am so absolutely delighted to inform you that we have success.

For the last week or so I have stopped taking the prescribed medication and nothing has happened.
I get the sensation that something is going on but nothing develops so I take that as a positive.

L.S. Vietnam

Thank you for the most interesting day yesterday!
Something has already happened, I feel calmer and relaxed, and full of energy.

My mother is doing fine, and I feel I have a healthier distance to her now.

B.B. Norway

Thank you for giving Mr. Ho an extra session. As of yesterday he was very well. A final check this morning will decide whether he can exit the hospital. The doctor said he had never seen anything like this - his pneumonia clearing so fast. He had predicted death 3 days ago. I think both your radionics and our reiki have helped him tremendously.

L.Y. Hong Kong

Alister's approach used varying techniques that helped me to heal and let go of deep wounds that were keeping me from living a full life.

The process enabled me to get in touch with my higher self in order to move forward, put things into perspective and live a happy and fulfilling life.

J.O. Spain

I have noticed several interesting things since our session in August. Especially the grief has lifted and I have not had any symptoms of the issue of ovarian cysts.

J.G. Australia

Cathal Farrell -   Phuket,ThailandI had my first session with Health Ambit a year ago and since then my life has changed dramatically. I had been experiencing mild depression, culminating in a lack of motivation and an absence of personal responsibility. This was affecting my life in many areas and created a slow downwards spiral into further depression and self-abuse. Since my sessions I have become a completely different person, I am more confident, highly motivated, enjoy my work, and my social life, and take responsibility for almost every area of my life (still some sessions to go). I enjoy the sessions immensely, they are interesting and informative and I look forward to learning more about myself every time. I’m not sure how the sessions work exactly but I know that they have positive results and I look forward to having more! Thank you Health Ambit.

Cathal Farrell - Phuket,Thailand
Lotus Medical International

This is it! Alister Bredee's work has healed me beyond imagination. He has thought me some of the most, if not the most, important teachings and practices of my life. I am for ever grateful for the door he has opened to me, doors that now I can open to others, exponentiating the magic of our daily living! Bless Alister ♥.

F.B. Buenos Aires

A truly gifted therapist with a wealth of knowledge .

S.T. Phuket, Thailand

Alister is an inspiration and I look on him as my 'mentor'. I feel very grateful to have known him as through his work and teachings I have been able to move forward in all directions of my life and am now doing the work I love - helping others.

I.T. Manchester U.K

Alister is an incredible healer who uses a wide variety of techniques and is vanguard in his approach and methods. With decades of experience, he has a magnificent plethora of tried and tested procedures and has helped hundreds - if not thousands - of people to enhance their lives, both mentally, physically and spiritually. Absolutely worth seeing.

J.P. Kendal, Cumbria, UK

Absolutely fabulous and most knowledgeable practitioner - Alister has built his toolset through great dedication and study whilst working with some like minded practitioners. He manages to unweave the most complex of issues and has tremendous healing and a gift for helping others heal themselves.

H.A. London, UK

Alister Bredee is a great therapist with a remarkable knowledge and sense of ethic. A true friend ready when you need him.

M.L. Phuket, Thailand

Alister has an enormous repetoire of healing skills and an open heart which allows him to unstintingly share all he knows and has experienced with his clients. And as a friend, he has no equal.

P.B. New York, USA

A very special soul. A sensitive and highly gifted therapist. For me too he is a great friend, but I can second what Hemant says.

M.R.O-R. Dublin, Ireland

Alister Bredee is excellent!

TCS, Brazil

Mindful questions for your body and insightful answers for your mind.

A process that bring about a new level of awareness and positive changes.

Lola Lavaud, Koh Samui, Thailand

Doris Kemptner, AustriaThe treatments of Alister Bredee made me much stronger. I know exactly now what I want and what not, it became easier for me to make my own decisions without less doubts then before and for this I want to thank him! My own principles are more clear to me and I fight for my opinion instead of being quiet and accept a situation.

Doris Kemptner, Austria

I have always found Alister an extremely capable therapist who believes passionately in what he does. I can say from a personal point that he has given me some great insights as to where I should be going in order to get my body and mind back in balance. He has given me some excellent tips on how to eat properly and has always made me very much at ease during our sessions.

L.B. Kendal, Cumbria, UK

My name is Michael Haslett and I live on Koh Samui, Thailand. I am from N.Z. and I have lived here for the last 6 years.

In my endeavour to further my life-style choices I had the most wonderful good fortune quite early on in my arrival here to meet Alister Bredee. In the initial period of our getting to know one another, I asked him his advice on a relation-ship drama I was
involved in at the time. If you want to know, regardless of his advice, it all ended in tears!
But it did not end there. Over the following couple of years Alister and I would touch base,and it was during this time that I began to understand what a depth of studying, knowledge and experience Alister has in the healing arts.

About 2 years ago I was feeling quite sluggish - I was 60 at the time ;and have to date had a very FULL life! Alister was there for me. I am not going into the array of medium's he works through; it's up to him to explain them to you; but I can assure you that they are all so clear and encouraging that you will enjoy the voyage. When I went to ask Alister's guidance as to how to clear this 'sluggish-ness' he was awesome. Through his 'experience and knowledge' I so much enjoyed the way he endeared this to me. As a result he imbued
me with how to reengage my-self as to me body awareness, and set me on a path of wellness through a regime of vitamins, minerals, herbal drinks, raw vegetable drinks, affirmations and so on. Recently I had another health issue relating to high blood pressure, and once again Alister was able to sort out the issue and set me on the path to correct and 'fix' this potentially quite serious problem.

So personally I cannot recommend Alister highly enough. As mentioned before he has a variety of mediums at his disposal to work out ones personal 'issues'. This is a very enjoyable and informative experience and can give one the most fantastic results.

Yours sincerely,
Michael Haslett.

Michael Haslett, Koh Samui, Thailand

Grainne FarrellI have been having sessions with Alister for around two years now. Every time that I feel like I am stuck or when something is bothering me or I am just feeling ‘out of sorts’ I get in touch with Alister. After every single session I feel better. I can only describe the feeling as being lighter, happier and having more clarity. I have to say that I am somewhat addicted to sessions with Alister!

Grainne Farrell
Managing Partner, Lotus Medical International

Initially, as a Clinical Therapist I was a bit skeptical of Alister's methods and techniques. In the spirit of learning and open-mindedness, I decided to undergo treatment with Alister for a number of sessions in order to explore potential benefits. Alister's techniques were able to significantly reduce anxiety and allow for greater insight into how past events were impacting my present. In fact, the techniques were so effective, I referred several clients to him for assistance with a variety of presenting problems, including; mood and anxiety disorders as well as addictions. I saw tremendous improvement in each of the clients. Alister's whole person approach addresses the body spirit and mind in a way I never thought possible.

ICL New York, USA

Hemant DesaiLike most of the people, I never came across a therapist who puts you first not your symptoms nor your own stubborn beliefs.

Alister, at first comes across as a very friendly and frank speaking person. However when he gets down to business, there is no looking back. He turns into a magician.

With arsenal of expertise he has, he is, in my view, the most effective therapist. I haven't come across anyone so talented and so full of intuitive ability to reach to core of the issue and sort them.

He truly looks at you as a whole. Not symptomatic. I would strongly recommend him. Over and again.

Hemant Desai
Happiness Effect