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“Meridian Detection Health Assessment”

Press Release

On 25th June 2012

Health Ambit Consultancy is pleased to announce a new computerized testing system, developed by Chinese doctors deriving from a device designed to assess the health of Russian Cosmonauts on their proposed Mars Mission.


Energy is the source of all bodily movement. When we are in perfect health, it circulates freely. Disharmony, however, is created when a disturbance in the energetic flow is encountered. Such disharmony creates illness or what the W.H.O. call “sub-prime disease state. This means that any body part experiencing a weakened energy supply is unable to function optimally. Lack of energy in the bladder meridian, for example, causes weakness in the back that can be the root cause of backache.

The MDHA is a non-invasive, health screening tool that measures the bio-electrical conductivity of meridians. This short film links a clear visual illustration, showing how the system operates.

 As you see, the test is fast, and accurate. Everybody tested is provided with a series of 6 different reports. These are printed out or sent by e-mail to clients. The evaluations, pinpoint problems, frequently in the first stages. I can either provide a treatment plan, which can be re-evaluated after treatment to show improvements in the system, or the client can be referred to other practitioners for treatment.

  • The testing provides an invaluable tool for detoxers (before and after).
  • An excellent device demonstrating the best strategy for weight loss.
  • Helps move sub-prime to optimal health.
  • Detects causes of low energy and how to fix them.
  •  One size does not fit all, find out about optimal diet.
  • Excellent for finding the results of Emotional blocks and clearing trapped emotions.
  • And much, much more………….


Test and Reports only THB 500

Testing Reports and Treatment(s) THB 2,000

If you have a resort, spa or hotel, special rates by arrangement 

Please contact Alister Bredee

Telephone 0-84-781 4718 or e-mail: