Beginning of Blogging

I am happy to see that finally the blogging has begun on this site. It has been long due and for reasons beyond anyones control, it was getting delayed.

Hope to see readers participate here on the blog by posting questions and comments. Lots of new information and news releases will be posted here on subjects like Core Inergetix, Energy medicine, meridian therapy, EFT and of course the progress of Health AMBIT consultancy, Koh Samui.

Koh Samui CoRe Inergetix

And it is materialising. Formation of Health AMBIT Consultancy Co. and it being the CoRe Inergetix therapist in Thailand. Indeed a great leap ahead.

Koh Samui, seems to be the most appropriate place to start this operation. I feel.

New era of Healing

Words like Meridian Therapy, Energy Medicine, Information Medicine are becoming common place as more and more people are getting educated, thanks to Internet, about healing modalities that are beyond conventional medical world.

It is now being realised that many symptoms observed can be rectified through use of techniques that help bring about Emotional Freedom

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