Contrail or Chemtrail is it all a Conspiracy Theory?

The contrail/chemtrail argument has raged for over a decade and now it has hit Samui. Some people are claiming that they see unusual cloud formations directly after an aircraft flies overhead. The official response reiterated by Governments worldwide is the same. They tell you that you are observing a contrail. A contrail is a cloud of condensed water vapor created when the hot, humid gases from aircraft engines mix with the cold surrounding air. Look up into the sky on a clear day and you will see these trails usually flowing from a north south direction over Koh Samui. This is not a surprise as the island lies abreast the air corridor linking Bangkok with Hat Yai, Malaysia, Singapore and points south-east. The rate at which these contrails dissipate depends on the prevailing weather conditions. Samui lies within the tropics, in regions of high humidity contrails persist unlike in dry regions where they disappear very quickly.

Because of humidity these vapor trails fan out to make small clouds reaching a few hundred meters in height. The actual rate of dispersion will also depend on wind speeds and air turbulence. You can expect the trails to persist for more than a few minutes. According to “The Discovery TV Channel “the pollutants that are included in these trails include nitrous oxide, nitrogen dioxide, nitric acid, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and methane.”

Chemtrails on the other hand, which are dismissed as being the invention of the conspiracy theorists, are composed of barium, aluminum salts, polymer fibers and sometimes silver carbide. That’s a noxious mixture! Their proponents claim that unlike contrails these persist for hours and eventually blend to form clouds. If you look at the sky, you will frequently see this phenomenon. Answers from officialdom continue to deny that such things exist. Now we are beginning to see this picture emerge in Thailand, what is going on?

A documentary produced by Michael Murphy in 2009 entitled “What in the World are they Spraying?” claims: “What most people call chemtrails are what scientists and geoengineers call trails from stratospheric aerosol engineering programs where aerosols/chemicals are sprayed out of airplanes in the atmosphere and spread out.” After heavy spraying the clouds appear whitish and become grey and murky.

Yes, geoengeineering exists. In 1991 patent 5003186 was granted in the USA. Its title is, “Stratospheric Welscbach seeding for Reduction of Global Warming.” The program involves metal oxides like aluminum dispersed into the atmosphere. As Global warming is not really an issue and the opposite appears to be the case one could say they have been successful in their endeavors! What’s more such successes render unnecessary the proposed “Carbon Emissions Tax” which is slated to come on line in the next few years. Bill Gates is deeply involved in this project, too. This is the man who announced during a TED lecture that the population of the planet needs to be reduced to something like half a billion.

If chemtrails are part of a geoengineering project to improve the world’s weather, then why not tell us so? There is something very wrong with the weather and efforts to rectify the problem deserve praise and not silence.

A commercial airline pilot admits he is skeptical when he hears that these trails are simply the result of atmospheric conditions. “Airplanes don’t fly all over the sky. They fly in relatively straight lines along air corridors. The spray planes do not conform to these patterns.” A lady resident in northern California asks the authorities to explain why there were no chemtrails for five weeks between July and August of last year. She claims the spray planes were diverted to spray the toxic “Coreexit “over the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. If as the authorities claim these planes are commercial flights somebody surely would have commented that air transportation was grounded for five weeks!!!!

Look up into the sky and use your eyes, what do you see and what do you think is happening? Share your insights with the letters page of the Samui Gazette, or leave comments here.”

This article by Alister Bredee appeared in “The Samui Gazette” of 19th August 2011

“Thai Classes with a Difference.”

“Khru Kaew’s bright little classroom sits at the end of an orange single story building opposite the Ban Lamorn Restaurant. If you are coming from the Lamai direction work your way through Hua Thanon, follow the road as it sweeps right at the market and then fork left the intersection with the non-working traffic lights. The sign reads Ban Thon Krut. This road is the 4170. The classroom itself can be found on the right hand side some 100 meters before the T junction that will take you to “The Samui Aquarium and Tiger Zoo”.

Sitting beside me on the chair is a small black and white kitten whom we have just named “Kitty”. She has a number of stitches across her fat little belly but is presently looking very comfortable. Kaew recued her from behind the building a couple of days earlier. She had been attacked by a larger predator, possibly a dog that had literally ripped out her guts. An emergency visit to the “Animal Rescue Centre” in Talig Nham saved her life . She is only one of a number of animals that the teacher has rescued. Often the class is joined by a puppy or cat who sit quietly as the foreigners struggle with the vagaries of the Thai language.

Kaew completed a B.Ed program and Chaing Mai University and went on to get a Masters at Silpakorn University; located just outside the gates of the Grand Palace. Yes, why do we call it Bangkok when the correct Thai name is Khrung Thep? Ajarn Knew went on to teach at Buurapha University. Those familiar with Pattaya know it is situated at the Bang Saen exit of the Motorway. An indication that the journey from the city or the airport is almost over and Pattaya awaits with open arms. Life teaching Thai language and literature in an academic institution can be tough and the gentle teacher succumbed to the pressures by suffering a series of blinding migraines that persuaded her to hand in her notice. As a child her parents had often brought her to Koh Samui for holidays and this is where she came to start a new life. To support herself she decided to open a Thai language school.

It offers two levels of study in listening and speaking. The beginners’ class introduces spoken Thai whilst the Intermediate stage works with more difficult structures and vocabulary. After that the avid student has the chance of going on to learn how to read and write. The course is divided into a beginners’ and then intermediate level. Some students have been with her for some years which speaks highly of the quality of instruction. Fees are very reasonable. She charges THB 200 per hour but if you feel fit enough to tackle 90 minutes the rate rises to THB 250. This is extremely good value for money!

Learning Thai is not easy as there are very few reference points for speakers of European based languages. However, making the effort to learn is always well received by the locals even if the “farang’ has only grasped a few rudimentary basics. Everybody respects this effort is an important step in the bridging of the gap that divides the two cultures

Ajarn Kaew has her own animal rescue centre where she uses her earnings from teaching to support 40 stray dogs and cats in her own home located some distance from the school. Feeding her flock is an expensive business; the bill usually exceeds THB 10,000 per month. That is a lot of teaching hours! Often she runs short of cash and has to ask her parents for help. Perhaps, you could help her in her struggle to give injured animals like “Kitty” the opportunity of life. She is not asking for charity, but really welcomes you as a student which would then aid her fund her passion. Khun Kaew would really welcome your call or inquiry. Her telephone number is 081-928-9146. Isn’t it time you learned Thai?”

This article first appeared in the “Samui Gazette” of August 5th 2011


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“Beware the Sodium Fluoride Myth!”

The official reason that fluoride was introduced into the water supply in the majority of the English speaking world post World War 11 was something called “Colorado Brown Stain.” This was a mottling effect of the teeth which is now referred to as fluorisis. It was claimed that people with this condition resisted tooth decay. It was also curious that one of the communities tested for this phenomenon was an aluminum producing town called Bauxite, which was literally owned by the ALCOA Company.
The idea of potassium fluoride supplements to counteract tooth decay was not new. It was first put forward by a German public health officer called Carl Erhardt in 1874. His findings were backed up by British physician, James Crichton Brown a little bit later.
The Great Experiment of adding sodium fluoride (not potassium fluoride) to water began in Grand Rapids Michigan in 1945. The nearby community of Muskegon did not fluoridate the water in order to act as a control study to scientifically evaluate the effects. In truth sodium fluoride does not exist on its own in nature it is a toxic by-product of the gas fluorine. The study with duration of 15 years was supposed to give a true picture of the effects of adding 1 pp of industrial sodium fluoride to the water supply. Curiously it was never completed because all of a sudden a rash of other communities wanted to join the bandwagon without a proper clinical trial. The FDA approved the process in 1950 again with scant scientific basis. How as this possible? Already people knew this was a toxic chemical and European doctors had been treating parents with the pharmaceutical grade to counteract the effects of hyperthyroidism. There was also some evidence from a chemist called Perkins who had been in contact with German pharmaceutical giant IGFarben that the substance had been introduced into the water in areas where the population was considered to be volatile. Was it true that the Nazis were using fluoridation to mind control the population? We don’t really know, but it is interesting to note that thyroid hypo function has reached epidemic proportions in the United States and the drug “synthyroid” was the second most prescribed medication in 1999.
It is now 66 years since this experiment was initiated and in view of the risks involved one would expect to see amazing results in the dental health of the countries that have embraced the program. Sadly bad teeth are not a thing of the past in participating countries like Ireland, Canada, Britain, Australia and New Zealand. Sadly research has determined that dental health has declined significantly. Now the practice is also to add sodium fluoride to most brands of toothpaste. Many western products now carry a health warning stating that medical attention needs to be sought if it is swallowed.
In Thailand water is not fluoridated but thanks to the “Borrow Foundation” milk and yoghurt are. Beware dairy products and we can all stop buying fluoridated toothpaste, too. Fluoride does not prevent acids from eating away enamel and forming cavities. The best and simplest course of action is to rinse away the decay forming acids with good, plain water. Technically, water has a pH of 7 and this is a neutralizer. Sadly, most toothpaste contains glycerin which creates an oily barrier around the teeth themselves. This interferes with the calcium phosphate uptake in the diet from strengthening the enamel. How then, you may ask do you clean your teeth? The answer is amazingly simple. The best agent for tooth cleaning is good, old fashioned soap. Scrape your brush along the bar a couple of times and then brush thoroughly. The soap will wash away acids, and dissolve the oils that prevent enamel re-growth. It will clean the gums and sweeten the breath, it does not usually taste very nice, and so you need to rinse your mouth very thoroughly with water after the cleaning process. Don’t however; use liquid soap as that will unleash another set of problems.
This article written by Alister Bredee, first appeared in the Samui Gazette of July 22nd 2011


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What Are We Capable Of?


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“What a Friend we have in H2O2”.

You might know it under other names, namely hydrogen peroxide or simply bleach. At 75% potency it serves as rocket fuel but the overall more common 6% dilution is available in brown bottles from the pharmacy.
H202 should be known as hydrogen dioxide because it contains one more atom of oxygen than water whose chemical formula is H202. Many environmentalists talk about the destruction of the delicate ozone layer which protects the earth’s atmosphere from the dangers of radiation that comes in from outer space. Ozone contains three atoms of oxygen (O3). The ozone layer is formed when the sun’s ultraviolet light splits oxygen atoms in two. The result is a couple of very unstable oxygen atoms. They then combine with another oxygen atom to produce ozone. The weak bonding means the compound is more than happy to get rid of the extra oxygen atom to falling rainwater. The rain produces hydrogen peroxide. You can smell this phenomenon during a rain shower. It gives the rainwater a special quality that makes it very helpful to plants. You might have noticed that rain makes your garden bloom much more luxuriantly than the water from the garden hose pipe. Farmers have been quick to grasp this and now spray their crops using a dilute H202 solution in order to increase their yields. You can do the same thing by purchasing a 6% bottle from the chemist for approximately THB 35. Use the metal cap as your measure. Add a capful to 5 liters and give the plants a treat on watering. You can also use the product as a safe toxic free insecticide. Add five capfuls of H202 to 5 liters of water plus two tablespoons of white sugar stir and decant into a spray bottle. Spray where you see aphids and other parasites. You might have to continue the process a little longer than when using chemicals but the results are much friendlier especially on vegetables.
As far as humans are concerned there is quite a lot of controversy about its usage. The compound is relatively stable and quickly dismutates when exposed to other compounds because it changes to harmless water. In nature oxygen atoms are found in pairs. A single oxygen atom is like a mad dog. It must find another oxygen atom in order to mate. It smashes through cell walls and causes untold damage in this search. These lone atoms are known as free radicals. Some schools of thought think of them as a good thing because they destroy viruses, bacteria and fungi which some think are the main cause of infection. Others like myself believe these play an important role in the healing process. There has been a tendency since the 60s to kick these microbes into oblivion by bleaching and disinfecting everything in sight. We are surrounded by antiseptic sprays and hand sanitizers and yet the rise in chronic illness rises unabated. Conventional medicine evolved from the battle field and has a tendency of talking about illness in warfare terms. White blood cells are responsible for “fighting” bacteria, when they perceive “invaders” they make hydrogen peroxide to oxidize bacteria, watch it froth and bubble as it “puts paid” to the” attacker”. Many feel this reaction is too severe and favor washing the wound with plain soap and water.
It is however, a good idea to keep a bottle of hydrogen peroxide to hand. It is a cheap way of getting rid of household molds and fungus and is an invaluable aid to counteracting insect stings. Pour a capful onto as wad of cotton wool and then dab the sting. You will notice the inflammation swiftly decreases as the swelling subsides in a space of a few minutes. It is a useful remedy for mosquito bites which sometimes form scar tissue if left to their own devices. Try some of these tips for yourself, you may be pleasantly surprised.


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I love you enough

I love you enough to allow you to find the God of your understanding,
however, whenever, and if ever you choose…

Allow you to make what I perceive to be foolish mistakes…

Never possess you and never let you possess me…

Allow you to maintain your dignity and never let you take away

Allow you to seek help in your own way – wherever and whenever you

Leave your responsibilities in your hands and to assume my own…

Allow you to hurt when you choose…

Never apologize nor cover up for you…

Be your best friend or never see you again…

Miss you but not be destroyed when we are out of touch…

Drop all my expectations of you…

Become so serene and at peace that I don’t `need’ you…

Let go of jealousy and anger…

Allow you to have your secret space and to have my own…

Listen to you with an open heart when I can…

Never tolerate you unacceptable behavior – forgive you unacceptable
behavior when and if I am ready…

Allow you to grow faster or slower that I do without resentment…

Allow you to take magnificent care of yourself, your spirit and those
things that are yours…

Allow you to become the beautiful person that you are.


James A. McGregor – 1983



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The Amazing Story of German New Medicine:

“Dr.Ryke Geerd Hamer, one time chief internist of the Cancer Clinic of Munich University Hospital met horrific tragedy when in 1978, his 19 year old son Dirk, was shot dead in front of his eyes! Shortly afterwards he developed testicular cancer and wondered why! His exploration brought him to a dramatic conclusion that he called “The Iron Rule of Cancer”! However, in the light of Meta-Medicine which is a newer and perhaps less stringent take on Dr. Hamer’s work, this rule applies equally well to all disease.
The “Iron Rule” states that a sudden and unforeseen incident of a highly charged emotional nature leads to illness. He says this can be cured once the emotional conflict is resolved. He suggests this is why so many conventional treatments are unsuccessful. The same phenomenon occurs in the animal world. A sheep loses its lamb to a predator and goes on to develop teat cancer. The cancer disappears when the ewe falls pregnant once again.
The “Significant Emotional Event” (SEE) leads to what Hamer calls a “Dirk-Hamer-Syndrome”, which produces a lesion on the brain. In the first phase of disease the body is dominated by the stressful sympathetic nervous system .The person obsesses about the event. He/she encounters high energy levels but hands and feet become cold, appetite drops off, blood pressure increases, constipation can occur and sleeping becomes difficult. In this phase the body creates a symptom. Hamer was able to trace this development by using “Computerized Tomography”. He then produced a chart that relates specific emotional traumas with the formation of lesions in the brain that result in cancerous tumors growing in predictable parts of the body.
For instance a child is knocked down by a car and enters a coma. The mother witnesses this; she is distraught. A lesion forms on her brain and that prompts the breast milk producing glands. Instinctively her old self believes that she needs to nurture the child through the crisis. The child is in the hospital and cannot take the milk, as a result a tumor forms. She drops everything and focuses all her time and attention on her injured child. One day he wakes up in his hospital bed. The trauma instantly resolves itself and she feels overwhelming relief. The brain lesion turns to an edema and the tumor stops growing as no more milk is required. She can relax and she enters the healing stage of the disease. Naturally occurring bacteria in the body can now consume the growth; however she also feels uncomfortable and has low energy. She goes to see her Doctor who diagnoses breast cancer.
The manufacturers of the CT equipment, Siemens, testify that Geerd Hamer used over 6,000 scans in his work in developing this extraordinary theory. What he appears to be saying is that the cancer is a symptom of the real illness, which lies painfully embedded in the psyche and in the brain. He appears to have thoroughly researched his explanation to boot!
Hamer criticizes the orthodox medical treatment of cancer by saying that 98% of patients die from the treatment and not the disease. He claims: “Nowadays most people with cancer die from the affects of the medical diagnosis and prognosis. It is this which produces the supposed metastases!” He maintains there is no such thing as cancer spreading as conventionally supposed. Instead the metastasis is the growth of another cancer caused by yet another Significant Emotional Event, which is the shock of the medical diagnosis and negative prognosis.
Dr Hamer does not offer solutions how these conflicts are to be resolved, but stresses resolution has to be gentle. Rough analytical abreactive therapies are to be discouraged because they might trigger another cancer causing Event. However, many gentle therapies such as EFT, Ambit, and the Emotion Code abound; they might just play a big part in resolving these disease producing conflicts in what must be a milestone in Mind-Body Medicine.”
This article appeared in “The Samui Gazette” of 25th June 2011.
Alister Bredee is a freelance author living on Koh Samui. He is a health care practitioner (working with the amazing CoRe system to find out more ask about a free introductory session), trainer and a partner in The Health Ambit Consultancy, which is named after the Meridian Energy therapy he developed. It involves diagnosis by muscle testing and treatment using the meridian system. He also works as a Detox Consultant and Locum with extensive experience. He can be contacted via his website: He publishes a regular blog at: . You can find him and the Health Ambit Consultancy on Facebook.


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